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                                                               Sandy Pihos
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                          End Lame Duck Sessions in Illinois

                                                                                           On Tuesday, I joined House Republican                                                                                                      Leader Jim Durkin and my colleagues in the                                                                                                House Republican caucus to unveil legislation                                                                                            seeking to put an end to lame duck sessions                                                                                             of the Illinois General Assembly by moving up                                                                                             the date of inauguration. This proposal also                                                                                                 requires the outgoing to General Assembly to                                                                                             conclude their work by Election Day.

                                                                                          The General Assembly’s two-year legislative                                                                                               session was created to allow more than                                                                                                       enough time to move legislative through the                                                                                                 appropriate channels while also holding                                                                                                       lawmakers responsible for their actions and                                                                                               inactions on Election Day. When elected                                                                                                    officials are no longer held accountable to their                                                                                          constituents, mistakes could be made at the                                                                                                expense of the taxpayers.

                                                                                         Read more.
             Rep. Pihos Reacts to State of the State Address

Springfield, IL… State Representative Sandy
 Pihos (R-Glen Ellyn) issued the following response
 to the Governor’s State of the State Address on
 Wednesday. Pihos says that while some of the
 initiatives set forth in the speech are admirable,
 the Governor failed to outline a realistic plan for
 achieving them.

“Unfortunately, there were times during the
 Governor’s speech where I wasn't sure we lived in
 the same state. It is obvious families are leaving
 Illinois at an alarming rate, ranking second highest
 in the country for outward migration. A recent
 analysis by Moody’s predicts Illinois to be dead
 last  in the nation for job creation this year. While
 I am  glad to hear the Governor is finally committed
 to  creating jobs, he has said this before and the
 results  have been devastating,” said Pihos. “While
 I agree  some of the initiatives laid out in his plan
 are laudable,  the current fiscal condition of our
 state  simply cannot  support them.”


​Feb 20, 2014 

"We endorse the incumbent, Sandra M. Pihos of Glen Ellyn.......She’s been an active participant on the Illinois Audit Commission, a key tool in fighting waste; a strong proponent of budget transparency; and an effective foe of funding shift proposals that would increase the tax burdens on suburbanites......... we think Pihos’ legislative experience provides her with a more practical view of how to get things done in Springfield."
Watch Sandra Promote Education on Drug Addiction
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